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Bipartisan lawmakers urge Biden to declare July as 'American Patriotism Month'

FIRST ON FOX: A bipartisan group of House lawmakers is set to introduce a resolution calling on President Biden to declare the month of July as "American Patriotism Month."

The resolution, which recognizes the U.S. as the "greatest country on Earth" and aims to affirm support from the House of Representatives for the special designation for the month of July, is expected to be introduced by Texas GOP Rep. Roger Williams on Friday.

Pointing to several events and dates that are of significance to U.S. history – including July 4, 1776, when the U.S. declared its independence from British rule – the resolution expresses the importance of "patriotism" and how it has united Americans in the past.

The resolution, which was reviewed by Fox News Digital, states that "patriotism has bonded citizens of the United States of America since the foundation of our country," adding that the "people of the United States hold a deep love for this country and have showed this through patriotic acts throughout history."


"The divide in our country is clearer than ever, and there is no better time to rally behind American pride," Williams told Fox News Digital. "Throughout history, we have created holidays for many groups, but fail to adequately celebrate the patriots who made our freedoms possible."

He added: "Any man or woman, regardless of their background, can be a patriot, and American Patriotism Month is an opportunity to remind us of the values that make our nation great. There is no reason for Biden to deny an opportunity to embrace American pride."

Co-sponsors include: Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska, Republican Rep. Kat Cammack of Florida,

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