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‘Train wreck’ debate unites polarized networks with outlets agreeing Biden-Trump was a ‘disaster’

A rare sight happened in the hours after the first 2024 presidental debate when news outlets — no matter the political lean — all agreed the match-upbetween President Joe Biden and Donald Trump was “disastrous.”

Left-leaning news outlets CNN and Bloomberg, as well as right-leaning Fox News and The Washington Examiner, all used the word to describe the outcome of the first presidential debate.

“Biden’s disastrous debate pitches his reelection bid into crisis”, a CNN analysis piece read.

Fox News’ morning headline declared, “Biden’s ‘disaster’ debate performance sparks calls for him to withdraw from 2024 race.”

Americans who chose to skip out on Thursday night’s debate could find pretty much the same view across the political-lean landscape – even at a time when Americans don’t trust media to cover news “fairly.”

Synonyms for the word unstable like “shaky”, “wobbly”, “stumbled”, and “struggles” splashed across the homepages of The New York Times, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

Biden, 81, tried to spar with his political opponent using a noticeable hoarse voice and occasionally stumbling over his words. His muted appearance starkly contrasted with his energetic performance at the State of the Union address in March. It undoubtedly reminded Americans everywhere of his biggest flaw: his age.

“Biden came out raspy and with relatively little vigor or inflection in his voice. He stumbled over his words and lines of argument,” Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake wrote. 

A Newsmax article shared similar sentiments: “A raspy President Joe Biden delivered rambling answers Thursday in the opening moments of his debate…”.

One unnamed Democratic lawmaker reportedly called Biden’s performance a “train wreck”, according

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