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People Are Revealing The Modern 'Wedding Trends' That Will NOT Last, And I'm Afraid They're Right

Recently, Redditor u/stress789 asked, “What wedding trends of today do you think will eventually be dated?” Reddit users chimed in with the popular “wedding aesthetics” they think will become outdated rather than timeless. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “Acrylic signs.”


2. “I’m seeing a lot of ’70s-inspired wedding looks these days, and I think it’s going to look the way the early 2010s boho/hipster vibe looks to us now.”


3. “Pampas grass and triangle arches. Boho dresses.”


“I can’t wait for pampas grass to be a thing of the past… that’s expensive for being dead, dry weeds.”


4. “Tombstones everywhere. The arches, the table numbers, the menus.”


5. “The neon signs, especially of the newlywed’s last names.”


6. “The rustic look, specifically a geometric, wooden-shaped altar with some flower attached to it.”


“I never understood the geometric arches. I mean, everyone should do what they want, but at NO POINT in this process did I think, ‘You know what my ceremony REALLY needs? The ability to stand inside a hexagon!’”


7. “Donut walls.”


8. “Design/decor: The cursive font, marquee letters, neon signs, film cameras on tables, and Y2K/’70s design elements.”


9. “In terms of dresses, I think the more form-fitting, lace style will be dated (but that is also what I got, so no hate). In terms of rings, the solitaire cut and pave band are both very trendy, so I can see those being dated. Diamonds, in general, are also becoming less popular, so we may see a shift to a nondiamond ring, which is more common.”


10. “I hate the beige/white/tan

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