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House Democrats Launch Task Force To Counter Trump’s ‘Dystopian’ Policy Plans

WASHINGTON ― Deporting 11 million people. Banning abortion pills nationwide. Deploying U.S. troops against American citizens.

This is a sampling of Donald Trump’s plans for a second presidential term. They’re not strictly his plans; the far-right Heritage Foundation provided him with a 920-page “Project 2025” blueprint that he intends to follow. It is full of conservative policy proposals put together by more than 400 people and is ultimately aimed at replacing federal civil servants with people who will support Trump’s agenda.

Some of their policies are so extreme ― reintroducing firing squads? ― that it’s hard to believe they’re real. But Trump has been clear about his agenda, and unlike 2016, this time he’d enter the White House with a radical policy road map and a team of advisers eager to fill top administration posts and begin rolling it out on day one.

The twice-impeached former president hasn’t explicitly said he’d abide by Project 2025, but he’s already shown that he will. In his first rally since his May 30 felony conviction for falsifying business records, the Republican presidential hopeful on Sunday lashed out at migrants coming into the United States illegally. His harsh characterizations mirrored those laid out in the policy guidebook.

Horrified by the prospect of any of Trump’s plans becoming reality, House Democrats on Tuesday are launching a new congressional task force to prepare for a scenario in which Trump defeats President Joe Biden and begins dismantling the federal government , purging tens of thousands of federal workers and replacing them with vetted conservatives.

The goal of the Stop Project 2025 Task Force is twofold: to inform the public about how dangerous a second Trump term would be

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