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Here’s what Boebert voters say about the Congresswoman

In Colorado, not everyone loves Lauren Boebert — but the people who do really do.

Garfield County Republican Doug Wight voted for Boebert in the past and would have voted for her again, had she remained in his district of CD3, he tells The Independent.

He has installed Trump banners, flags and a sign telling Democrats “YOU SUCK!!!” outside his small business, Gold Ring Pawn, in Silt – the town where the congresswoman and her ex-husband raised their sons. It’s the same town where police were called to a public row between Boebert and her ex last year.

“I like the fact that she is similar to and supportive of Donald Trump,” said 70-year-old Wight. “She’s loud and aggressive, like Trump, like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“Whether that’s effective in Washington DC, I don’t know. But she’s just not cut from the same political cloth as most arrogant, ignorant politicians are.

“Life in the big city, where you’re controlled and manipulated … is way different than living in the country, where we don’t like to be told what to do. So she definitely signifies or lives that lifestyle, as opposed to big city life.”

He particularly supported Boebert’s vocal dedication to upholding gun rights, the issue that’s “probably my number one reason for voting, period.”

“She just supports it,” he says of the Second Amendment. “She’s not going to compromise.”

Echoing the oft-expressed fear throughout much of the district that “they’re going to take your guns away eventually,” he added: “She does not compromise on that principle.”

Outside of Grand Junction’s popular breakfast spot, Sunrise Restaurant, on Tuesday, Republican voter Mark Undem had his completed ballots in the saddle bags of his motorcycle, ready to drop them off after the meal.

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