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8 Things Knee Doctors Say You Should Never, Ever Do

People often forget what a big role knees play in mobility and everyday life ― until they start to hurt.

Knee pain and injuries are fairly common, especially as we age. And although knee replacements can be a big help to people dealing with serious mobility issues, it would be nice to avoid needing major surgery.

The good news is there are many ways to help prevent injury and keep our knees healthy and strong as we age.

HuffPost asked orthopedic surgeons ― the doctors who know knees inside and out ― to share the things they never do in the interest of their knee health. Read on for the behaviors they avoid.

They don’t jump into high-impact exercise after prolonged inactivity.

“One mistake people make is diving into exercise too quickly and going from zero to 100,” said Dr. Eric Grossman, an orthopedic surgeon with NYU Langone Health. “If someone is new to exercise, they haven’t built up their tolerance, so trying to do too much at first can lead to injuries.”

He recommended easing into more intense workouts. If you want to get into running, for instance, consider starting with slow, short jogs on softer surfaces rather than immediately trying to put in a half-marathon on concrete.

“Never commence a high-impact, high-stress exercise regimen after prolonged periods of inactivity,” said Dr. Daniel Miller, an orthopedic surgeon at the Orlando Health Jewett Orthopedic Institute. “There are a lot of new exercise regimens and workout fads that offer quick results with strenuous routines. Allow your body time to acclimate and gradually increase your activity level. You will be more likely to avoid injury, as well as continue with your new regimen.”

They don’t ignore pain.

“Pain is how your body tells you something is

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